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Bartolome Galapagos Penguin 3 w.jpg (142079 bytes)

Galapagos Penguin Bartolome crabs w.jpg (221107 bytes) Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Brown Pelican

Bartolome Brown Pelican w.jpg (168047 bytes)

Cactus on Lava

Bartolome Lava Cactus w.jpg (294663 bytes)

Bartolome lave flow 3 w.jpg (348686 bytes)

Lava Flow

Bartolome Pinnacle Rock 2 w.jpg (152899 bytes)

Pinnacle Rock

View from the top

Bartolome vista 4 w.jpg (146728 bytes)

Underwater Lava Domes

Bartolome volcanic shapes.JPG (289512 bytes)

North Seymour

N. Seymour booby chick 2 w.jpg (167749 bytes)

Blue-footed Booby Chick

N. Seymour Galapagos Dove w.jpg (167376 bytes)

Galapagos Dove

Great Frigatebird

North Seymour Great Frigatebird w.jpg (205552 bytes)

Land Iguana

North Seymour Land Iguana 2 w.jpg (177886 bytes)

Isla Lobos

Los Lobos Sanderling w.jpg (222735 bytes)

Sanderling Isla Lobos Sea Lion pup w.jpg (220492 bytes) Sea Lion pup
Isla Lobos Sam conversing with Sea Lion pup w.jpg (302052 bytes) Sam with Sea Lion pup

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